Alma- Wook

Alma - wook (conceived July 5, 1987) is a South Korean performing artist. He rose to popularity in the main part of Dong-hae in every day show arrangement Grin Once more (2010-2011), trailed by remarkable parts in Warrior Baek Dong-soo (2011), Ruler Ki (2013-2014), and Healer (2014-2015).

Ji started his profession as a battling performing artist in musical theater. He made his onscreen debut in the 2006 film Days... what's more, had a minor part in the 2008 television show You Stole My Heart. Be that as it may, the film Dozing Magnificence, discharged in 2008, is viewed as his official acting debut.[1] In 2009 he showed up in My Excessively Idealize Children, playing the bashful, sissy most youthful sibling who winds up bringing up his closest companion's girl while only 20 years of age. The family show got 40% appraisals, and shot Ji to fame out of obscurity.[2] He took after that with a supporting part in Lee Joon-gi's Saint.

In 2010, Ji was thrown in his first featuring part in the 159-scene day by day dramatization Grin, Dong-hae (otherwise called Grin Once more). Playing a Korean-American short track speed skater, Ji prepared under a previous national rate skater keeping in mind the end goal to loan those scenes however much authenticity as could reasonably be expected, burning through four to five hours day by day at the ice arena. His character Dong-hae was brought up in the US by his supportive mother, and with expectations of discovering his natural father, he travels to Korea and acts as a lodging chef.[3] Grin Again beat the appraisals graph for 15 back to back weeks, and Ji was recompensed Best Performing artist in an Every day Dramatization at the KBS Show Awards.[4][5]

He then played the main character in 2011 activity verifiable show Warrior Baek Dong-soo. Adjusted from Lee Jae-heon's manhwa Noteworthy Baek Dong-soo, it is a starting point anecdote about Joseon-period swordsman Baek Dong-soo, demonstrating his growing up years until political interest makes a competition with his youth closest companion turned-enemy.[6][7] The arrangement was number one in its timeslot for 13 weeks, and Ji got Another Star Grant from the SBS Dramatization Awards.[8][9]

Soon thereafter, he again assumed the lead part in link show Lone ranger's Vegetable Store, taking into account the genuine progress story of Lee Youthful seok, a young fellow who turned a modest 350-square-feet vegetable store in 1998 into an across the nation establishment with 33 stores.[10]

In his first miscreant part, Ji played a musician who begrudges his more established sibling's virtuoso and regular present for music in 2012 drama Five Fingers. Clashes and interests reach a crucial stage as the siblings contend over their dad's piano assembling business and the same woman.[11][12][13]

Ji came back to the stage in 2013 with The Days, playing a presidential bodyguard who disappeared 20 years prior alongside a strange female partner. The Days was a jukebox musical utilizing the society rock tunes of Kim Kwang-seok.[14]

His ubiquity climbed further when Ji played Toghon Temür (otherwise called Huizong), the sixteenth ruler of the Yuan Line who weds the Goryeo-conceived main character in the authentic show, Sovereign Ki, which circulated from late 2013 to 2014.[15][16][17][18]

In July 2013, he played Park Gyu-ri's affection enthusiasm for Have You Ever Had Espresso With a Heavenly attendant?, a scene in the five-section omnibus show Mystery Love featuring individuals from the young lady bunch Kara.[19]

Ji then featured in Healer from December 2014 to February 2015. He took hand to hand fighting lessons for his part as a secretive errand fellow in the Melody Ji-na-penned series.[20][21]

He is additionally set to star as a heedless new kid on the block constable nearby Sol Kyung-gu's aloof veteran officer in the period-comic drama film Two Constables, the fourth portion in the Two Cops establishment coordinated by Kang Charm suk.